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You Can Rent A Board Game-Themed Airbnb With A Lazy River & 2 Escape Rooms In Florida

You may need a get out of jail free card.
Stay In This Board Game-Themed Airbnb Near Orlando

Great news, Floridians: the ultimate Airbnb experience is in your state. There's a board game-themed Airbnb near Orlando complete with a lazy river, two escape rooms, and the world's first billiard swimming pool that will blow your mind. 

The rental is located in Clermont, a town in Central Florida that's just a 30-minute drive from Orlando. It has 15 bedrooms and sleeps up to 54 people, costing guests about $38.50 each per night if rented to full capacity. 

Known as The Great Escape Parkside, it's the second and latest in a series of "Great Escape" stays by famous Airbnb host Andrew Greenstein. Greenstein also hosts The Great Escape Lakeside, which has gained international recognition. 

This new house is similar to the Lakeside rental but with even more rooms and themes to enjoy. The Parkside has a theme for every room, including old-school favorites like Monopoly, Pacman, and Twister.

There're tons of games to play throughout the house like the laser maze, giant Scrabble, darts, Whack-A-Mole, Skeeball, and giant bowling. Challenge your friends to beat you at your favorite game.

Best of all, the bedrooms are decked out too, so you can sleep in the world of your favorite game. Immerse yourself into the neon world of Pacman, or play giant Monopoly before bed.

The room sells out quickly, so get a big group together and reserve your stay soon. You can book your stay here.

Stay with your friends at this jaw-dropping house in Florida and cross it off your bucket list.

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The Great Escape Parkside

Price Per Night: About $38.50 per person, sleeps up to 54

Address: Clermont, FL, full address provided upon booking

Why You Need To Go: This insane Airbnb is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for board game fans.

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