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This Cheap Airboat Tour Takes You Through A Lake Of 10,000 Alligators Near Orlando

What’s the first thing to comes to mind when you think of Florida? Probably Disney World. What’s the second thing you think of? Probably alligators, lots of alligators. Seeing just one or two lazily hanging out on a golf course isn’t too different from visiting your local zoo, but if you’re looking for a wilder experience, you have to check out The Black Hammock on Lake Jesup.

Lake Jesup is 100,000 years old, so it comes as little surprise that over 10,000 modern-day dinosaurs call it home — the largest concentration, in fact, in any lake in the US. And every day, Black Hammock takes daring guests on airboat tours over these waters.

About a 30-minute drive from Orlando, Lake Jesup is also the territory of turtles, snakes, wild boars, bobcats, and bald eagles. If you’re really lucky, you may even stumble across some artifacts from the native Seminole tribes.

The airboats are all manned by U.S. Coastguard Licensed Captains, and offer hearing protection and life vests for children.

You can calm your nerves at the Lazy Gator Bar after your trip and grab a bite to eat at The Black Hammock Restaurant with your 10% discount. Featuring two full bars, Florida’s favorite seafood specials, and a panoramic view of the lake, you can wind down to live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you’re making staycation out of it, or traveling from afar, Black Hammock even offers eight different options for short or medium-term rentals.

And on the off chance that you can’t quite work up the courage to venture out onto the lake, you can also check out their free live gator exhibit and take photos of their resident bird and alligators (they all have adorable names).

Florida Man has certainly had some interesting adventures here.

Blackhammock Airboat Rides 

Price: $30

Address: 2316 Black Hammock Fish Camp Rd., Oviedo, FL 32765

Why You Need To Go: Channel your inner Steve Irwin and brave a lake that is home to thousands of modern-day prehistoric beasts. 

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