You Can Cuddle Fluffy Alpacas At This Farm Near Orlando

It's so fluffy!!!
Alpaca Farm Near Orlando You Can Visit Has The Cutest Herd Of 'Babies'

Regardless of what your personal favorite animal is, most all of us have soft spots for those quirky, long-necked, fluffy sheep-giraffes called alpacas. If you're looking for an alpaca farm near Orlando to visit (and why wouldn't you be?) we have the perfect spot in mind. 

What’s not to like? Their wool can be made into all kinds of beautiful apparel, and just look at that buck-toothed smile!

If you’ve had alpacas on the brain lately, then taking a trip to LuanSea’s alpaca farm for a day of wooly snuggles is a great idea.

Located in perhaps the only hilly place in Florida, you can find the small family farm of LunaSea in Clermont. When we say family farm, we mean it, too. On the ‘about’ page of their Facebook, their herd is lovingly referred to as ‘the babies.’

Described as a little piece of heaven, the farm is nestled in a valley of Live Oaks and Spanish Moss, at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain, where the family has worked together for over 6 years to create unique, individual tours for guests.

Tours are booked by appointment and allow guests to enjoy the peaceful scenery and enter the enclosures to pet, feed, and take photos with ‘the babies.’

Tours are $10 and last between an hour to an hour and a half.

The herd of LunaSea Farm includes over 30 alpacas of two species, and a very friendly llama named Clover.

If you really fall in love and start have dreams of your own alpaca farm one day, you can even take a look at some of the alpacas that are for sale. Be warned, however, that these babies are not cheap.

Ecotourism is also a big part of the tour, and you’ll get to see how the alpaca wool is created into everyday items.

LunaSea Alpaca Farm is open most days of the week, but call ahead to be sure you can have a full day of alpaca fun!

If you're looking for more alpaca fun in Florida, check out this ranch you can stay at. And if you find yourself in the area in Texas, you can even drink wine with the fluffy cuties.

LunaSea Alpaca Farm

Price: $10

When: Open most days of the week

Address: 18810 Lone Dove Ln Clermont, Florida

Why You Need To Go: To cuddle with alpacas and llamas!