Sometimes the little things in life that are a little stupid can bring a serious amount of joy - like this ridiculous photo we found on Reddit. The internet is LOSING it over an R2D2 dumpster hidden in Orlando.

Reddit user VeeJayDelorean posted the image - calling the weirdly adorable dumpster one of Orlando's hidden gems: you can see the full photo from the Reddit post below.

I love finding Orlando’s little gems. This is over by King Cajun on Mills


Weird things happen in Florida all the time - how many times have we read about a bizarre "Florida Man" incident? While this dumpster is no exception to the strange things you can find in our state, this is the kind of weird we Star Wars fans and most of the commenters can stand behind.

According to one commenter, we may have even secretly figured out what the D in R2D2 stands for.

This is definitely one of the weirdest yet strangely lovable things we have ever come across.

While the origins of how this weirdly adorable Star Wars-themed R2-D2 dumpster came to be are completely unknown, it can be found tucked away near a seafood cafe on North Mills Avenue in Orlando known as King Cajun.

One Reddit user said that King Cajun used to have the most bomb chicken tenders. Did we just accidentally find a new place to hit up for lunch on this dumpster post? These Reddit users certainly think so - and even share the secret of what makes them so good.

Are we about to plan a trip to a restaurant to visit this dumpster in person, maybe - maybe not. To read more ridiculous comments, you can view Reddit post here.