You Can Cuddle With Rescued Farm Animals For Free Near Orlando

A second chance for a better life and more hugs!
You Can Cuddle With Rescued Farm Animals For Free Near Orlando

Whether you have pets of your own or are always that one person at a party who instantly befriends the house cat, cuddling with animals is an undeniable simple pleasure. At this animal sanctuary near Orlando, there is no shortage of animals to cuddle and love on, and it’s even better when you know that all of them are rescues!

Founded in 2003, Kindred Spirits Sanctuary sought to create a space for farm animals who had been abused and discarded.

They are a non-profit organization, and passionate about providing a place where people can connect with these animals and educate them on ways to reduce suffering and animal abuse.

Each animal has a unique and often humorous personality, and guests can get to know each one of them on tours. You can give a pig a belly rub or get a kiss from a cow!

Tours are available on scheduled days.

KSS rests on 74 beautiful acres and is home to 170 rescued residents. The animals receive around-the-clock care, eat high-quality diets, and have spacious barns and green pastures to laze and graze in.

Tours are free, but the sanctuary does ask for donations, and it’s certainly a cause you can feel good about backing.

Florida is full of animals just waiting for a hug, like these alpacas! But we'd recommend keeping your distance from these guys.

Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

Price: Free

When: Third Wednesday of every month, and some Saturdays

Address: 1411 E. Hwy 329 Citra, FL 32113

Why You Need To Go: Cuddle with the sweetest farm animals for free and support a rescue sanctuary!