When it comes to the baby version of anything, we know we're in for a serious dose of cuteness. In a video released by Gator Land Orlando, baby gators make their way into the world, and they're surprisingly adorable.

In the video posted to Instagram, Gatorland staff member Chrissie holds a plastic tub, filled with a bunch of tiny gator eggs while teaching us a little bit more about these babies during their hatching. 

Some might be surprised to learn that gators lay so many eggs and that they're really quite small. According to the video, the eggs are small to allow a female gator's clutch to hold anywhere between 35 and 50 eggs.

They normally expect eggs to start hatching Aug. 15 through September, but these little guys surprised Gatorland staff with early hatching. You can see the full video below.

Talk about a headache for momma gator with those little noises, but they're actually pretty darn cute, and even cooler to know that's how they alert their brothers and sisters that it's time to get up out of those eggs!

Everyone in the comments is loving these babies too; this might just be the cutest video that we didn't know we needed today.

Some even want a baby to call their own.

While we won't be having a gator for a pet, (which surprisingly you can do with the correct permits in Florida) it's still super cool to be able to witness the hatching, even if it's only through video. We feel almost as excited as Chrissie is to be seeing this in person. Some commenters even pointed out that you can tell she's passionate about these creatures.

You can see more awesome gator content on Gatorland Orlando's Instagram page here. They even recently had a gator actually do the bottlecap challenge — who knew gators could be so cool?