Your favorite doughnut place closing down is no laughing matter. It's akin to getting a flat tire, spilling coffee down your white work shirt, even your goldfish dying. But hearing about the reopening of your favorite doughnut place? Well, that's like a surprise bouquet of flowers, finding a twenty-dollar bill on the sidewalk, and adopting a new puppy—all in the same day. Did we mention Bakery Plus just reopened in SoDo? You’re welcome.

One look at the exterior, and it’s obvious Bakery Plus is confident in its product. It doesn’t feel the need to entice you with extravagant lights or signs, to beg for your money with catchy advertising. If you know, you know. And if you don’t, we feel sorry for you.

Inside are old-fashioned 70’s style booths and counter stools, hand-made signs and a dusty chalkboard with the day’s menu, and the most self-indulgent doughnuts you’ll ever gift yourself.

Along with savory breakfast sandwiches and croissants, the doughnut menu starts off tame—blueberry, glazed, sprinkles. But keep reading and—sour cream-filled? Bacon-filled?! Nutella. Chocolate honey. Let’s be honest. We don’t deserve this place.

After having closed their doors for months for a renovation project, the 20 year-run establishment is back in business. The prices have stayed affordable for starving wallets as well as hungry mouths, and they’re also cash-only. We recommend getting there early, though (they open at 6), as regulars have raided the place by early afternoon.