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You Can Bring Home A Pet For The Holidays For Free In Florida

The best gift you can give these sweet babies — & free snuggles & kisses for you.
Brevard Humane Society In Florida Has Adorable Home For Holiday Foster Pet Program

With Christmas right around the corner, some families may be longing to bring home a new pet, while others know they can't cover all the costs associated with adopting right now. The Brevard Humane Society in Florida recognizes this, offering a new program this holiday season.

The program they're calling "Home for the Holidays" allows Florida residents to take a homeless cat or dog to their loving home for Christmas or New Years.

The program was created with these animals in mind, as shelters are often closed during the holidays. While on-site workers will be present to feed & walk the dogs and other animals, interaction with loving humans is limited.

There are a lot of people who simply can't afford to adopt right now but want some love from & to love on a furry companion; this program allows you to foster without an adoption cost, as well as have no obligation of adopting.

Free puppy kisses & snuggles? Yes, please!

The program aims to learn more about what types of environments these adoptable babies mesh best in as they receive belly scratches and socialization from families this holiday season.

Those who do foster are encouraged to share photos & blurbs about their experience with the animals to add to their file, which helps the shelter find the best home for them in the event foster families decide not to adopt at the end of the pet's stay.

Of course, they hope that some fosterers will fall in love & decide to adopt, giving these sweeties a happy and healthy home this holiday season.

All potential foster families must complete a foster application & present a valid photo ID. The Brevard Humane Society will be responsible for the foster’s medical needs while the foster family loves and cares for them as if he or she were their very own.

Select, eligible pets will be spayed and/or neutered and fully vaccinated prior to being placed in a home.

While the program primarily focuses on dogs due to the increased stress of a shelter environment, cats are also welcome to go home as a part of the program.

Families wishing to participate are encouraged to view the Humane Society’s website here for a list of eligible pets.

For more information or questions regarding the “Home for the Holidays” program, please contact Jessica by phone at 321.636.3343 ext. 219.

The Brevard Humane Society isn't the only shelter in the greater Orlando area with pawesome programs either.

Check out The Pet Alliance of Great Orlando's rent a pet for a day program or their adorable Pawgwarts Program that sorts adoptable pups into Harry Potter themed houses — you can even take a quiz to see what house your current furbaby falls into.

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