This Haunted Museum In Orlando Is Turning Into A Terrifying Spook House This Season

Prepare to be haunted!🙊
Cassadaga Haunted House Will Transform This Orlando Museum Just In Time For Halloween

Sitting in the middle of The Sunshine State lies a paranormal oddity that is begging to be explored. Cassadaga is a magnet for all things spiritual, creepy, and cool. This season, Cassadaga will have a haunted house that will transform the local museum into a spookfest just in time for Halloween.

The museum sits in the heart of the town and makes for a unique getaway to experience one of Florida's spookiest spots.

This year, the museum will transform into a haunted house, that will combine scare actors with actual haunted artifacts that have been curated by the museum.

The museum is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. 

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How did the museum get its spooky reputation? 

The museum is housed in a 120-year-old building, which is one of the oldest in the town.

It was founded by George P. Colby and it started out its life as a post office before transforming into a psychic and astrology shop, complete with psychic readings.

The shop is now a museum that's filled with all sorts of strange artifacts, from alleged aliens to haunted dolls.

According to the museum's website, all of the artifacts in the museum are either haunted or cursed, with the exception of a few things that are thrown in that are designed to give off maximum-level spook vibes.

What will be in the haunted house? 

The museum's haunted house will mix live scare actors and real haunted objects for a thrilling experience.

There will be traditional objects placed around the haunted house that will be made to give you an instant scare, but the objects that you will encounter within the house will actually be haunted or cursed.

The artifacts will be of the museum's curated collection, from ouija boards to skeletons and more.

The haunted house is a seasonal attraction, transforming into the scare zone at the end of the month.

Afterward, the building will transform back into its normal state as a spooky museum.

When will the haunted house run and how much will it cost? 

The haunted house will be in operation starting October 29 and lasting through Halloween.

The trek through the house begins at 7 p.m., but if you show up early and are able to get through the attraction, you can come back after 7 p.m. and go through the haunt again free of charge.

The museum will charge $10 per person to enter the haunted house, and it's the same charge throughout the year for the rest of the museum.

As an extra bonus, if you buy a day ticket for the museum, you can keep the ticket and it will get you into the haunted house for free.

Haunted House at C. Green's Haunted History House & Museum

Price: $10

When: October 29 until October 31

Address: 1079 Stevens St., Cassadaga, FL

Why You Need To Go: This spooky museum will turn into a scary haunted house just in time for Halloween.

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