Let’s be honest, meal prepping is hard, especially if you’re planning for more than one person. But your friendly neighborhood Publix has got your back this week especially with the beloved Pub Subs going on sale, starting today!

From Thursday, December 5 to Wednesday, December 11, you can grab your favorite deli meal for just $6.99! While they’re always worth it, the subs usually run at $8.99.

One Facebook user even wrote “It’s a Christmas miracle at Publix,” and we’re inclined to agree.

Pub subs are basically world famous. Okay, we took it a little far. But they're super famous in the US. Some even go as far as to call them "the country's best sandwiches."

The grocery store sub is basically nostalgia for many Floridians. They are the subs people remember getting when going to the beach, or going on a lunch break from school.

The subs even have lots of fan accounts on social media. The comment section of the one Facebook post was immediately flooded with victorious GIFS expressing consumers’ delight for the announcement.

We feel ya Baby Yoda. We, too, love a trip to Publix. Better yet, we love a trip to get a delicious pub sub.

With the sale however, comes the crowds. If you know where to look, you can skip those too. The best thing about Publix (besides everything) is by far the mobile order option. Introverts, rejoice!

You can use their website to order in-store pick up, or even get your meal delivered right to your door. Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them just wear green aprons.

If subs aren't as delightful for you, we've got you covered. For more delicious Florida eats, check out this new Dr. Seuss inspired cafe at Universal, and this list of unique Disney foods you have to try. You're bound to find something everywhere you turn in Florida.

Publix Chicken Tender Subs

Price: $6.99

When: Dec 5 - Dec 11

Address: All Publix Locations

Why You Need To Go: These sales only come around every few months, so you won't want to miss it!