This Secret Underground Speakeasy In Orlando Is Hidden In A Rum Runner Tunnel

Where all the smugglers socialize.
This Secret Underground Speakeasy In Orlando Is Hidden In A Rum Runner Tunnel

Beneath the clamoring streets of Disney Springs lies a secret. Through winding tunnels, aged and dim, where the noise from outside starts to fade and a different sound trickles into earshot. One of swinging music, clinking glasses, and easy conversation.

This is a place to speak freely of things one might not mention in the light of day, where the drink on your lips is as forbidden as your words. But here, it’s all standard. This is Enzo’s Hideaway, a prohibition-era style speakeasy.

Inspired by Florida’s true history of rum-running, Enzo’s Hideaway is tucked away within the tunnels beneath Maria and Enzo’s Ristorante. Serving hearty Italian fare and an extensive wine list, Enzo’s will pour up Prohibition-era cocktails and wrap you up in 1920’s nostalgia.

Between Maria and Enzo’s Ristorante and Pizza Ponte, Enzo’s Hideaway is the lounge option of the trio of Italian eateries featured in Disney Springs. While still offering full table service, it creates a more intimate atmosphere, drawing inspiration from aperitivo bars in Rome.

This is the idea of imbibing alcoholic drinks prior to your meal to stimulate the appetite.

Between the two restaurants, it’s clear that Enzo is a busy guy. The story goes that Maria and Enzo, an immigrant couple from Italy, used to run a bakery in what was the Air Terminal in Disney Springs. After the Air Terminal closed, they continued to build their reputation by opening the Pizza Ponte.

With the success of their pizza-by-the-slice business, Maria and Enzo were actually able to buy the former Air Terminal and turn it into their delicious ristorante.

When purchasing the terminal, Enzo came across a hidden tunnel that served as a hideaway for a team of flying rumrunners during the dry years. Today, guests can discover it too by entering the tunnel to the check-in area. Old details speak to a bygone age, the walls literally talking with the graffiti that tells stores from 20’s.

If you’re thinking of tracking down and enjoying this little hideaway, reservations are strongly recommended!

Enzo's Hideaway

Price: $15 - $45

Address: 1560 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, 32830

Why You Need To Go: Immerse yourself in a 1920's vibe and eat at an underground speakeasy!

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