12 Adorable Manatee Photos From Crystal River Florida That Are So Cute It Hurts

These pics will renew your faith in hu-manatee.
Crystal River Florida Manatees Photos That Are So Cute It Hurts

There's no bad time to look at cute Florida manatee pictures all day long. Luckily for us, sea cows are slow-moving, playful, and curious — the perfect recipe for incredible photos! You can scroll through the most amazing  Crystal River manatee moments and feel like you're swimming alongside these majestic mammals. These floaty potatoes are sure to bring a smile to your face and brighten your days stuck indoors.

Playful Manatee Calf

Behind every mama manatee is her chunky baby. According to the photo's caption, this calf swam up to its photographer for a silly nibble on the nose.

Mama And Baby Manatee

This delightful duo was observed by visitors on a River Ventures manatee tour in Crystal River. Lucky for us that's not the only way we can hang out with sea cows; there are plenty of places across the Sunshine State where you can see and swim with them.

Curious Sea Cow 

This photogenic curious cutie was ready for its close-up. You can get up close to manatees yourself on clear kayak tours in South Florida, too. 

Swimming Manatee

This chunky gentle giant of the sea came to check out the camera. Manatees use their front flippers to steer while they swim.

Fuzzy Manatee Snout

A friendly sea cow "smiles" for the camera. This close up allows you to see the cute little whiskers on its snout and its molars, which are used mainly to munch on seagrasses.

Cute Manatee Face 

This fuzzy friend swam up to a photographer in Florida's crystal clear waters. This curious sea cow has some harmless algae growing on its back, a common occurrence for their kind due to a leisurely swimming pace. The algae may also help to block out harmful sun rays.

Grazing On Seagrass

This hungry little guy is having breakfast in the early morning hours in Crystal River. Despite their famously full figures, manatees have mainly vegetarian diets.

Baby Greets A Snorkeler

A charismatic calf swims up close to this lucky snorkeler. Passive observation is key to the Florida manatees' wellbeing.

Portrait Of A Sea Cow

Ashley Cannon with Explorida.com* happened upon this handsome manatee who "posed" for a beautiful photo. Unfortunately, no one told him that he had some salad in his teeth.

Manatee Hug

A cuddly 'tee snuggled up to this snorkeler on a tour. Remember to mind your manatee manners and let them approach you, not the other way around when observing them in the wild.

Nuzzling Manatees

This manatee gives their neighbor a lil' "smooch." They like to huddle in pods, snuggling together for warmth in the colder months.

Shy Snuggling Sea Cows

These two manatees huddle close as they shoot the camera an adorably shy stare. If you can't get enough of their snuggly faces, you can watch them swim and play for hours on this Florida manatee cam.

We hope you didn't "awe" too hard! It's nearly impossible not to smile while you scroll through these charming photos, and they're totally worth sending a little bit of joy to your friends in the group chat.

*This story has been updated.