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Daytona Beach Is Now Florida's Best Spring Break Spot For Millennials

Daytona Beach ranked the least expensive destination in Florida.
Daytona Beach Is Now Florida's Best Spring Break Spot For Millennials

Everyone wants to go to Florida for Spring Break, but as a student, coming up with the money to do so can be kind of difficult. If you are one of the many students putting FLA on your radar for the season, you should set your sites on the budget-friendly Daytona Beach area since it has beenranked the most affordable destination spot.

In a survey conducted by, Daytona Beach ranked as the least expensive. Their survey compared 20 popular destinations in Florida, based on the cost of a night at a hotel. Researchers found the average price for the least expensive double room for the month of March 2019. The month of March is when most college and university students go on spring break. The hotels included in the survey were at least three stars and were located close to the beach.

Daytona Beach topped the list of the most affordable destinations because their room rates start at an average of $116 per night. Panama City Beach is close behind, which average room rates of $119 a night. The most expensive Florida spring break destinations are Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach, Key West, Siesta Key, and Key Largo, with rooms average from $246 per night to $321 per night. 

Daytona Beach has been a top pick for students for spring break because it is so budget-friendly. Daytona Beach offers the best for spring break, with both day and night activities for anyone to enjoy without breaking the bank.

Daytona Beach is home to 26 miles of beaches with 80-degree average weather. The beach offers different activities, like parasailing in the ocean, surfing lessons, or renting a jet ski. Daytona Beach also has many hotel pool decks that offer DJs, games, and contests during spring break.

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The Ocean Deck Beach Club is the only club right on Daytona Beach. It has been opened for seven years and offers lunch and dinner. The Ocean Deck is known for its great reggae music and it is a popular spot for spring breakers.

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Daytona Beach doesn't only offer great daytime activities, with their great beaches and restaurants. Daytona Beach also has great nightlife, like Club 600 North and Razzle's Nightclub. Club 600 North is an indoor/outdoor club that plays live music from feature bans. At Razzle's Nightclub, spring breakers can dance to the latest hits on the massive dance floor and enjoy drink specials that will suit everyone.

At Daytona Beach, there is a little something for everyone and it's no surprise that with its low prices, that it is a top choice for spring break.

For more things to do at Daytona Beach, you can find information here.

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