It's no secret that paying for college is super expensive; For some, the cost and risk associated with taking out loans will stop them from pursuing their degrees, but what if there was a way for you to pay for schooling without taking out a loan? Disney offers a program that covers 100% of your tuition and announced that new schools were added to the program list.

Yesterday, Thursday, May 23rd, The Walt Disney Company announced that starting this fall, the University of Central Florida and The University of Florida will be added to their Disney Aspire Education Investment Program's list of qualifying colleges.

This program offers 100% free coverage of tuition to employees and cast members who are eligible, and they even reimburse costs associated with an application to accepted schools, book fees, and other needed course materials.

In order to be eligible for the Disney Aspire program, you must be a Disney employee, be attending an approved college - and meet residency requirements here in the Sunshine State; And if you're a fan of the Happiest Place on Earth, a job with Disney might be perfect for you, so you can play all day while you pursue your passions for the future - and you'll be in the best place to celebrate the end of each college quarter.

Employees of Disney that gain admission to UCF or UF and meet residency requirements for the state of Florida can choose from 34 different undergraduate and master's degree programs; however, those looking to attend UF and receive assistance from Disney's Aspire program must be pursuing an online master's degree from at least one of a few different college programs, including the College of Journalism and Communications, Applied Physiology and Kinesiology,College of Health and Human Performance in Tourism and Recreational Management, and Health Education & Behavior.

According to Fox 13, about 40 percent of Disney's 85,000 full-time and part-time hourly employees with at least 90 days of service have signed up for Disney Aspire - with more than 6,000 of them actively taking classes already - an extraordinary opportunity for Floridians looking to make a break into their career of choice.

If you've still got big dreams but aren't looking to attend UCF or UF, Disney employees can learn more, see which other schools are accepted, as well as sign up for the Disney Aspire Program through their website here.