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Disney World Orlando Annual Pass Prices Rise With New Attractions Set For 2020

With great change comes inevitable discomfort, and right now Disney fans know this intimately. As the park makes way for all the exciting new developments happening in the coming years, the cloud of construction hanging over the 'Happiest Place on Earth' can be frustrating to many guests. This, coupled with exceedingly long wait times and the announcement of Disney World Orlando raising annual pass prices, fans are in a flurry of emotions.

The weekend saw the overnight hike up of annual passes, which comes not long after the last increase, back in June of 2019. Twitter users had a lot to say on the subject, with many people expressing frustration over what felt like yet another unfair price jump, with one commenter pointing out that this makes three consecutive years where we've seen an increase.

The original price of the annual Platinum Pass for non-Florida residents was $1119. Now, you're looking at $1195 — a $76 increase. Additionally, the original price of the Platinum Plus Pass was $1219, now $1295 after the price hike.

Four of the five different annual passes available only for Florida residents also increased significantly.

While fans were shaken by the sudden announcement, the many new attractions coming to Disney in 2020 might help to balance out the rising prices.

This year will see the first-ever Mickey Mouse-themed ride, a new Ratatouille ride, and a restaurant with out-of-this-world space views.

This Twitter user made light of the increased ticket prices by reminding everyone that, well, Stormtroopers gotta eat, too!

Despite increased ticket prices, the current attractions are still bringing in massive crowds, which of course means longer wait times. The Smuggler’s Run ride recently got FastPass and the majority of fans were concerned that it would only lengthen those wait times.

Another Twitter user found the silver lining in the packed parks, pointing out that while crowds aren't the best, it's nice to know people are doing well enough financially to spend time at the parks.

This other user felt frustrated that while so much money was going into new attractions and ticket prices were still rising, old attractions and spots around the park still show considerable wear and tear — and could use an update.

While guests are understandably frustrated with the long wait times, this next Twitter user pointed out that Disney did their best to announce when rides would have to be delayed due to mechanical issues, and that they made an effort to give priority to FastPass holders who had been waiting.

Despite crowds and construction, guests continue to look forward to new fun and adventures at Disney, including a train station that will take them directly to the park, a restaurant with a view of outer space, and an interactive Star Wars hotel.

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