Disney Reveals What's Inside Their 'Toy Story' Grilled Cheese For The First Time Ever

Disney World Toy Story Land Magical Grilled Cheese Recipe Released For You To Make At Home

Besides the thrills, sights, and everyday magic of The Happiest Place on Earth, one thing you might really be missing from Disney is the food. Elaborate meals, original drinks, and snacks galore can be a highlight of any Disney trip, and if you’re pining for your favorite recipes right now, you’re probably not alone. Now you can travel back to Disney World's Toy Story Land with their signature grilled cheese sandwich at home — even if it's just for a few mouthwatering moments.

Disney has plenty of secrets it tries to keep hush-hush, but recently they actually released the recipe for the magical grilled cheese sandwich that you can find in Woody’s Lunch Box in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The recipe was released on what the parks have unofficially dubbed “Grilled Cheese Eve,” the day before National Grilled Cheese Day, which was April 12.

The post on Disney Parks Blog encourages fans to create #DisneyMagicMoments at home by getting creative with their favorite park classics.

This copycat recipe can be recreated in your kitchen in all the gooey and crisp deliciousness you might remember, and if you've never had Disney's signature take on the classic cheesy concoction then this recipe is a must-try.

The full recipe calls for cream cheese, cheddar cheese, heavy cream, and salt — that’s all for the cream cheese spread. For the garlic spread, you’ll need mayo, minced garlic, and some more salt.

Spice it up with some seasoned pulled pork for a little added magic.

The recipe recommends artisan bread to hold all that cheesiness together, but you can totally use whatever you have in your pantry. 

Add in your slices of cheddar and provolone cheese, grill over medium heat for two minutes, and voila! You — and your sandwich — are golden!

Let your taste buds transport you back to your favorite park days. Disney also recently leaked their secret dole whip recipe if you're craving something sweet.

The sandwich serves four (but we’re not telling you how to enjoy it), so grab a pan, your ingredients, and create some space for this soon-to-be cheesy masterpiece.

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