This Precious Baby Gorilla Was Just Born At Disney's Animal Kingdom Park (VIDEO)

She is so cute!
This Precious Baby Gorilla Was Just Born At Disney's Animal Kingdom Park (VIDEO)

Babies are always arriving in the spring - from chicks to bunnies, and even gorillas. Disney World's Animal Kingdom just welcomed their newest arrival Wednesday morning, a baby western lowland gorilla named Grace. 

According to the information posted on Disney's blog page, Grace was born to Gino (father) and Kashata (mother). She was delivered yesterday morning and both mother and baby are reportedly doing well and bonding.

"Kashata and the baby’s father, Gino, were chosen to breed through the Species Survival Plan (SSP). The program is overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and ensures responsible breeding of critically endangered species, such as western lowland gorillas, so they will have healthy, genetically diverse populations for years to come," the blog explains. 

You can see a video of Grace below:

Grace earned her name in honor of the GRACE, the gorilla sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo that dedicates their efforts to helping orphaned gorillas affected by poaching. The blog post states that the park's animal care experts have spent more than a decade assisting GRACE in their rescue and protection efforts.

Western lowland gorillas are the most populated gorilla species, with an upward estimate of 100,000 individuals left in the wild, according to WWF. It is thought that Congo harbors the majority of these gorillas. 

If you would like to see Grace in person (and obviously you do!) you may be able to catch a glimpse of both mom and the baby together at the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail at Animal Kingdom. 

For more information on the park's new arrival, you can click here