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This Unique Orlando Coffee Shop Doesn't Have Prices So You Pay What You Want

Tastes good, does good, feels good.

A lot of things happen around a cup of coffee. Reunions, meetings, epiphanies. Some might even say the coffee itself is responsible for such greatness, and the people at Downtown CREDO would agree.

Downtown CREDO strives to cultivate meaning, impact, and community. They are a nonprofit organization, and by offering their coffee for donations only, they look to get their customers really thinking about the coffee beyond what’s in their hand, and where their money is really going.

Since November 2010, Downtown CREDO has been serving donation-based coffee to the Orlando community, and unsurprisingly, it’s become quite popular.

*There are suggested prices for the coffee but patrons are encouraged to pay what they like, even if that’s nothing at all. Baked goods and other menu items have set prices.

Downtown CREDO isn’t about making money, it’s about building relationships with people with a message that we are all capable of being people of impact.

So, whatever you decide to pay, you can feel good for more reasons than one about backing a place like this.

Downtown CREDO

Price: name your own price! 

Address: 706 W Smith St Orlando

Why You Need To Go: If you want to go to a coffee shop that thinks out of the box, then you need to go here!