If your favorite part of playing GTA is driving all the crazy vehicles, like a tank, then this is definitely the experience for you. You can actually drive a tank at Tank America in Melbourne — yes you read that right — DRIVE a TANK.

Tank America is definitely not your average theme park — it's for the truly rough 'n' tumble badasses. Don the title and fulfill your ultimate adrenaline-seeking quest by driving a British FV433 Abbot Model Tank. 

You'll be drug through the mud as you navigate hills and conquer obstacles around a 3/4 of a mile track. This is one of the few places in the U.S. where you can drive a tank outside of the Army or Marine Corps. Now's your time to be the hero in your own personal Call of Duty moment — mud clad and all. OO-RAH! You'll want to pack a towel and change of clothes.

As you can imagine, doing something this awesomely extreme and one of a kind comes with a price tag — the "Basic Tank Training" package includes two trips around the track, as well as a safety briefing to get you started for $349. They also offer other packages that increase in price that include extra laps and a complimentary additional passenger — pool your funds and grab your BFF for the most fun mud run.

The more the package increases in price, so does the bad-assery. The $999 "Advanced Tank" package lets you crush a freakin' car — that's one way to get your stress out! If you've ever wanted to really Rambo it out, the $1,519 "Elite Package" includes the car crush as well as a chance to shoot four different machine guns at Machine Gun America.

Whether you're an Army enthusiast or an adrenaline-seeking video game junkie (guilty), you'll leave with dirt on your nose and a smile on your face after living out your GTA dreams driving a tank at Tank America. They even have realistic laser tag and over 30 mission types to choose from.

Tank America

Price: 💸💸💸💸💸Prices range from $349 for the basic package all the way up to $1,519 for the elite one, as well as extras.

Address: 9150 Ellis Rd., Melbourne, FL

Hours: Consult their website for different activities' hours.

Why You Need To Go: A one-in-a-million experience to drive a tank through the mud, crush a car, and even shoot a machine gun depending on which package you go with. A seriously bad-ass experience.

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