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Float Tank Spa In Orlando Offering 2 Sessions For Price Of 1 With Groupon Deal

Everyone has their way of slowing down at the end of a hectic day, whether that’s a pint at the bar, some mindless Netflix binging, or even a massage. But what if you could literally float your worries away in a space that brings calm to both your mind and body? If you’ve never tried a float tank spa in Orlando out before, now is definitely your chance with this deal for two 60-minute sessions for just $89 — and who doesn’t love a great BOGO?

At Indigo Float in Orlando, you can take advantage of this Groupon and try out their tanks twice for the price of just one session. Originally, two 60-minute sessions would run you $178, but this coupon chops that right in half.

From the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to plenty of hippie and wholistic health magazines, it seems like everyone and their grandmother is trying out float tanks now.

We wouldn’t blame you if that was a bit of a deterrent but don’t worry, it’s completely sanitary and the water is always changed after each guest.

So sit back, find your zen, and just float on. You’ve got nothing to lose but some time and stress!

While it’s certainly relaxing to just float and let your thoughts drift away for a while, there are also numerous perceived health benefits that are associated with float tanks.

You may experience blood pressure reduction, pain and inflammation reduction, reduced anxiety, more energy, and better sleep.

This zero-sensory pod immerses you in a skin temperature solution that automatically encourages your body to relax.

If you’re worried about claustrophobia, this tank is extra large and oval-shaped, so there's plenty of space for you to sprawl out. You can even keep the lid open and get out whenever you need or want to.

Even if you’re a skeptic, this deal is too good to pass up, and the worst that happens is that you might actually have to admit to your friends that they were right about how zen it is afterward!

Two 60-Minute Float Therapy Sessions

Original Price: $178

Sale Price: $89

Why You Need It: Floating relaxes your mind and body, and this is a great buy one, get one free deal!

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