If there's one thing we've probably all seen in Florida at least once it's a gator - we do have the ocean, swamps, springs, and other bodies of water surrounding us at all times after all. One thing we've probably never seen is a gator do the bottle cap challenge - well now we can say we can.

The whole challenge is to "roundhouse kick" the cap off of a bottle without knocking the bottle over, or in this case roundhouse gator tail whip it off. In a post made by Gatorland_Orlando on Instagram, they shared a video of gators attempting the bottle cap challenge. 

The video shows several failed attempts from multiple gators; just when you think no one's going to do it, one manages to do it! The gator seems so happy too, shooting the camera a big toothy grin as they receive pets and love from the handlers on the scene - it's honestly pretty wholesome. You can watch the full adorable video below.

We never would have thought that a gator could be this absolutely adorable before but that smile - too stinkin' cute! Everyone who commented on the video seemed to agree or found the video to be hilarious. Check out a few of the comments below.

A couple of commenters think this video is what the internet needed - and I think we all just might agree with you on that one.

Another saw this video as an opportunity for a lesson on perseverance.

That got us to thinking, how in the heck did Gatorland staff manage to get them to whip their tails like that? One commenter asked the question and we got an answer - patience and a whole lot of waitin'.

You can see the full post and more comments here.If you love alligators, you can follow Gatorland_Orlando for more adorable gator posts.