In the Sunshine State, pool season is basically year-round. Beloved waterparks around the state saw closures in the face of COVID-19, but now they're gearing up with measures to keep guests safe as they move towards welcoming swimmers again. Florida water park Daytona Lagoon may not have an opening date just yet, but they have released their extensive list of what the plan is once they do.

In their press release, Daytona Lagoon outlines the precautions they are taking to keep staff and guests safe while still working to ensure that visitors can have the most fun in the sun possible.

You won’t have to worry about awkward face tans, as masks will only be required for staff.

The water park also assures guests that properly treated pools won’t allow transmission of COVID-19, and that they already have a reputation for meeting and exceeding current CDC guidelines for water treatments.

Building off their pre-existing cleanliness standards, you’ll also see limited capacity during the first steps of reopening. Sanitizing stations will be made available throughout the park, as well as additional staff dedicated to constant cleaning during operating hours for gaming zones and high-touch areas.

Introverts may find themselves in their element with distanced sunbathing chairs to further promote social distancing.

“Team member training is always a measure of success at Daytona Lagoon,” says General Manager Tyler Currie in the press release. “Our guests must trust our practices, and we earn that trust through training.”

In addition to making sure staff is well trained to handle the current situation, guests are also encouraged to take extra precautions such as frequent hand washing, continuing to follow social distancing recommendations from the CDC, and staying home if you feel sick.

Daytona Lagoon will continue to provide an update on their potential opening date and regulations on their social media pages.