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Fun Things To Do In Orlando Include Lake Nona Adventure Park Sky-High Ropes Course

Lake Nona in Orlando is a budding hub of art and culture, but it’s certainly not without its thrills either. If you're looking for fun things to do in Orlando, look no further than Lake Nona Adventure Park. The best part? It's adult-friendly.

If you’ve ever dreamed of trying your hand at a ninja warrior course or just really miss the good ol' days of climbing around on jungle gyms in your childhood, then Lake Nona Adventure Park is a must. Plus, you can't go wrong with a sky-high view.

The Climbing Tower offers tons of different ways to challenge your mind and body. Literally reach for the sky on their lofty 60-foot rope courses, race your friends on the twin 60-foot sky ropes, or conquer one of the three 50-foot climbing walls. 

You’ll feel like a human puzzle as you weave your way through the rope maze, defying gravity on a suspended bicycle (don’t worry, you and the bike are strapped in), and get an instant adrenaline rush from the free-fall drop — you're strapped in here too, plus it’s a relatively slow descent, so don’t scream too loudly!

Along with other obstacles like wobbly bridges, floating platforms, and tilting boards, there are tons of other ways to have fun at Lake Nona Adventure Park.

You can also cool off from the Florida heat and check out their Aqua Park, or learn how to wakeboard like a pro at their Wake Park!

The Aqua Park that floats atop Adventure Lake features over 1,000 feet of watery fun. Slip and slide through the different obstacles, like the two Mt. Rainiers, the Whirlpool, Ninja Jump, and more.

There happens to be an inflatable water park near Tampa too if you're not in the Orlando area.

Don’t worry if you fall off, there’s easy access back onto the course through the “Neptune Steps.”

At the Wake Park, riders of all levels are welcome to try out the tracks.

The cable system runs 10 people at a time, and you can start with easy one-on-one instruction, or bring your own gear if you’re experienced.

An hour-long session of wakeboarding is $15, while the water park is $20 for a fifty-minute session.

The climbing tower is $20 for a two-hour climb. The park is open daily, but the water section may close if temperatures drop too low.

Whether you're an avid climber or seeking an array of thrills, Lake Nona Adventure Park's got ya' covered.

Lake Nona Adventure Park

Price: $15 to $20 per person

Address: 14086 Centerline Dr., Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: Take your fun to new heights with this towering climbing gym, water obstacle course, and wakeboarding area!

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