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This Park In Florida Is Home To A Family Of Super Rare White Alligators

Steve Irwin would definitely call them "a beaut!"

Alligators - the modern dinosaur that everyone knows, loves, and fears. When you hear "Florida" you probably think of the normal green-scaled beasts inhabiting our swamplands, but not many know that Florida is also home to a rare family of white alligators.

At Gatorland Orlando, you can see many exotic critters - but nothing quite as breathtaking as their white gators. They have two different types of white gators, leucistic brothers Ferris Zombi, and Trezo Je (they’re two of only 12 leucistic alligators known to exist in the world today) and a beautiful albino congregation.

Even more exciting is that the leucistic gators have blue eyes, which you can see on a video below!

While albinism in alligators is not entirely unheard of, the wild albinos do not often survive long in the wild due to their lack of camouflage. Because of this, albino alligators are usually only seen in captivity. 

These captive gators are given a chance at life with human intervention, and in return, humans can study and awe at their unusual beauty - and that we do.

Pearl, one of the resident albinos at the park, has become quite a Youtube sensation over the years and you can see why below:

Thousands of alligators call Gatorland home, but there's no argument these unusual beauties steal the show. No need to admire them from afar - you too can gawk at their beauty in person during the park's normal business hours! 

Gatorland Orlando

Where: 14501 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, Florida 32837

Price: Starting at $29.99 admission

Why you need to go: You can see exotic and rare animals, living their lives happily in this large animal park. Additionally, the park offers other experiences including zip lining over the gator enclosures.