Florida is full of hidden gems, from underwater restaurants to water parks in the forest and even entire indoor jungles. You can take a day trip to a stunning tropical garden without leaving the city at Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando. With its reopening next month, you can explore the gorgeous indoor gardens that feel like a jungle oasis. It's a perfect mini getaway for those who love the idea of the great outdoors more than the actual outdoors, and it’s free for all to enjoy.

After having been closed since March, Gaylord Palms Resort has finally set a date to reopen its doors just in time for summer. You can mark your calendars for June 25 and finally return to or discover this unique hidden gem in The City Beautiful.

The resort features an atrium echoing Florida’s natural environments. You'll wander down wooden boardwalks through a mini Everglades, spot tropical flora and fauna of The Keys, and experience some of the old Spanish charms of St. Augustine — like its own indoor world.

There are also a ton of restaurants on-site to check out after your stroll, although not all of them are open to the public.

To comply with social distancing guidelines, the resort will also have seating around the pool spaced out for guests who are staying overnight. There will even be a self-guided scavenger hunt around the area to further encourage keeping social distance.

Along with promoting space between guests, the resort's facilities will also be frequently sanitized.

Located just east of Disney World, it can be a great spot to visit for both locals and tourists alike.

If you’ve never been to this gorgeous hidden jungle before, the reopening next month would be the perfect opportunity to take a day trip on the cheap.