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You Can Get Giant Pizza Slices Bigger Than Your Head At This Orlando Pizza Joint

Pizza can be anything you want it to be, and that’s what it makes it so amazing. Fruit, meat, veggies, plain, personal, giant, the options are just about endless. If you're looking for good pizza places in Orlando, at Lazy Moon Pizza they believe in quality and quantity.

Not only do they serve some delicious pies, but you can also get giant pizza slices at this Orlando parlor that are bigger than your head.

Their origin story is hilarious, albeit perhaps a little questionable. But when it comes to giant, delicious pizza, why ask questions?

The legend supposedly starts with Italian pizza shop owner, Guido Brownzini, who was exiled to America for tossing pizzas that were too large. His single pie even served all the travelers aboard the Mayflower for the entire 66-day voyage. When he arrived in present-day Cape Cod, Brownzini teamed up with Liam O-Gruffys, who had a penchant for beer, and the two teamed up to provide the best pizza and beer in this new land.

The story features many other historical icons and events being served the infamous pizza slices, complete with accurate photos on their website that are definitely not photoshopped. Nope. Definitely not.

Aside from the amazing pizza, Lazy Moon also offers its guests craft cocktails, beer, wine, calzones, salads, and homemade soups.

Whatever the decade, Lazy Moon Pizza has always had the same mission—to allow their customers to eat, drink, and be lazy.

Orlando has a lot of ­big things, from record-breaking roller coasters to giant pizza-box sized donuts.

Lazy Moon Pizza

Price: $5 slice, $20 20-inch, $27 30-inch

When: Open daily

Address: 11551 University Boulevard Orlando, FL. 32817

Why You Need To Go: To enjoy some historically good giant pizza and beer!

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