Netflix’s hit new series Hollywood paints us a picture of a post-World War II L.A., where a group of aspiring creatives is trying to land their big break. Among the characters in Hollywood, star Jeremy Pope plays the role of screenwriter Archie Coleman. For Floridian viewers, Pope might be of particular interest as an Orlando native, because let’s be honest, it’s always cool to see a hometown hero make it on the big screen. Here are 6 things you may not have known about Jeremy Pope.

Pope’s character echoes some of his real-life struggles of growing up in a place that didn’t always support his aspirations. Pope’s persistence would pay off as he slowly but steadily moved towards his dreams of becoming a singer and actor.

First breaking out on Broadway, he took the stage in several big productions before landing his break-out Hollywood role on Netflix's new series.

Like many good things, Pope came from humble beginnings, standing as a testament to what belief in yourself can lead to.

Whether you’re binging Hollywood for the plot, the characters, or a familiar face, these six things will give you a little more info on the man behind Archie Coleman.

1. A Sunshine State native, he was born and raised in Orlando.

2. Pope attended Timber Creek High School in Orange County, where he fell into his passion for performing.

3. Long before his role on Netflix, his first production was Cats, performed at Timber Creek, and he played the role of Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat.

4. He attended an audition in Tampa for acceptance into the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. His audition turned out to be a success and he was accepted into their programs.

5. His parents wanted him to work at Disney, but he had bigger dreams in mind.

6. Pope told The Guardian in an interview that his teenage years in Orlando were a challenging time for his dreams, but he still pushed forward despite the struggles.

Now you have a better idea of who the man behind Archie Coleman really is! Pope's perseverance and daring to dream through the struggles helped him to get where he is today.