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Homeless Florida Man Selflessly Uses Last Of His Money To Save Orphaned Baby Squirrels

Wild Florida Rescue receives two orphaned squirrels from homeless man.

From baby bunnies to hatchling birds, it's the time of year when animal rescues become flooded with orphaned wildlife. Just a couple of weeks ago, a homeless man rescued two baby squirrels and then brought the infant mammals into the Wild Florida Rescue.

The Wild Florida Rescue responded to a call made in Cocoa, Florida. The call came from a Dollar Tree and was made by a homeless man who had found two baby squirrels two days before. He'd been carrying them around in his hat. The man, named Kenny, found the two baby squirrels injured and lying on the ground.

Although Kenny's knowledge on infant mammal care was limited, he said his instincts were calling to help the two baby squirrels. Knowing that he had to keep them warm, he cut out a piece from his only blanket to wrap the squirrels in and then placed them in his hat to give them a place to rest. With what little money he had, he purchased a turkey baster and milk for them.

Wild Florida Rescue has now taken in the two squirrels, and have thanked Kenny for his help. The Wild Florida Rescue also educated Kenny on what to do if he's ever in a similar situation, why you should never feed them and always contact help immediately.

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After posting about Kenny's heroic deed on their Instagram, many people wanted to give back to Kenny. Kenny had no request for items for himself and only wanted to know how the squirrels were doing. Last Sunday, Wild Florida Rescue hosted an event for anyone who wanted to give back to him.

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Kenny's selflessness and compassion helped save two baby squirrels' lives and this heartwarming story shows that compassion costs us nothing. Because of Kenny's selfless act, two baby squirrels are being taken in by Wild Florida Rescue.

The two baby squirrels are now in good hands and have been brought to the wildlife hospital for rehabilitation.