Sometimes you just need something sweet, whether it’s to end a stressful week, celebrate something special, or just satiate your cravings. At Ice & Bites Café in Orlando, not only can you find some delicious sugary delights, but some downright creative and kawaii ones at that. At this Asian street food and boba spot, you’ll find a sweet and colorful concoction called The Sakura Drink, topped with a cloud of fluffy cotton candy.

The Sakura Drink looks like it was pulled right out of an anime, but it is indeed real!

A mixture of cherry and lemon, it’s already got an aesthetically pleasing aura with its swirling colors. The added dollop of cotton candy on top gives it an extra element of visual flair and sweetness.

The beverage runs for $6.70 without the cotton candy, but if you want the full experience, it’ll come out to $8.83.

If The Sakura Drink's flavor profile doesn't quite speak to you, you can load up any of the other sips on the menu with a cotton candy cloud for just an extra $2.

Ice & Bites has tons of tasty eats to munch on too if you need a break from the sugar rush. Asian street food snacks like chicken dumplings, tofu bites, and egg rolls are all options, as well as wings and fries.

Ice & Bites also has another iconic dessert called Taiyaki, overflowing with ice cream and toppings within a baked fish-shaped biscuit cone.

If you’re looking for a less saturated drink, they’ve got plenty of delicious boba options, as well as plain black and green teas.

Whether you’re looking for sweet or savory, Ice & Bites has you covered.

The Sakura Drink At Ice & Bites Cafe

Price: $6.70 without cotton candy, $8.83 with cotton candy

Cuisine: Asian street food, boba teas, and cotton candy dreams

Address: 3402 Technological Ave #220, Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: Sugarly, aesthetically pleasing, and totally kawaii — what else could you ask for?