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There's A Stunning Illuminated Stained Glass House Hidden In Orlando

Just don't start throwing rocks.
There's A Stunning Illuminated Stained Glass House Hidden In Orlando

Set against the Orlando night sky lies a gem light up from within. It brightens the deep black of night with myriad colors, soft, but striking in their almost out of place design. Walking within, you’re overcome by a sense of peace and wonder. This illuminated stained glasshouse in Orlando is stunning, and you can find it right in Lake Nona.

Created by Tom Fruin, this beautiful art installation is located in Lake Nona’s Laureate Park, close to Canvas Restaurant and Lake House. Fruin is a Brooklyn-based artist, and his kaleidoscope houses can be found in unsuspecting places all over the world.

The piece uses reclaimed materials, aiming to bring attention to overlooked local landmarks. It pulls inspiration from urban design and American folk art, while still keeping the ethereal feel of stained glass.

Fruin’s “Glass House” is just one piece in his ongoing series called ICON. From the US to Europe, to Asia, each work in the series is site-specific and monumental. “Glass House” evokes just such a feeling, with its simple yet stunning design.

Combined with “The Beach” and “Code Wall,” the installations have defined the Lake Nona Town Center as a place of art and creativity.

Fruin aims for his pieces to be interactive and conceptual, so the public is free to come admire the work up close and personal. Many people take advantage of the beautiful stained-glass house to take wedding and graduation photos.

The house is a perfect spot to relax and clear the mind, or for an impromptu photo shoot.

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Orlando Stained Glass House

Price: Free

When: All hours

Address: 13615 Sachs Avenue, Orlando, FL 32827

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy this beautiful stained-glass art installation for free!

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