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This Shiba Inu-Themed Café In Orlando Has Milk Teas & Bubble Waffles

Much sweet! Such doge!
Japanese Inspired Cafe In Orlando Just Opened And It's Shiba Inu Themed

Whether you consider yourself an appreciator of Japanese culture or a full-out otaku, you probably haven’t been able to escape the craze of all things kawaii that has spread from Japan like wildfire over the years. Florida certainly hasn’t, with annual cons, cute cafés, and specialty stores. Recently, a Japanese-inspired café opened in Orlando called Sweet Shiba, and not only is it totally adorable, but you can also get some delicious and creative desserts, including bubble waffles!

Sweet Shiba, as the name suggests, has a Shiba Inu theme throughout the restaurant. Shiba Inus are a famous Japanese dog breed that is also undeniably cute.

The spot serves up delicious Japanese and Chinese street food like Takoyaki and Jianbing. Not to mention the dessert options!

They have different flavors of crepes like matcha and rainbow, classic milk teas, fruit mochi, and bubble waffles served with ice cream.

Their bubble waffles are stuffed to sugary perfection, filled with one or two scoops of your choice of ice cream and topped with fresh fruit, sprinkles, and even Pockys.

You can wash down your tasty treat(s) with blended or iced green teas, milk teas, and even green tea with cheese tops!

The Shiba dog breed has fallen victim to internet meme culture over the years, resulting in a rather derpy character. We'd argue, though, that the breed has only gotten more famous over the years!

Sweet Shiba is fully embracing the meme sensation through the decor found around the café. And honestly, it just makes them all the more lovable.

Sweet Shiba is family-owned by Ivan Jin and his wife Eve who left behind the corporate world to build their dream of opening a tasty and authentic café.

Their three dogs, Nana, Hachi and Luke, make frequent appearances there.

Ivan and Eve were dedicated to making Sweet Shiba with environmental and animal welfare in mind, using only recycled materials for containers and utensils.

They also wish to be a future sponsor of the ASPCA and have made it their goal to save as many animal lives as possible.

Sweet Shiba

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Japanese

Address: 5135 International Dr., Ste. 7, Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: You'll get to enjoy delicious Japanese and Chinese treats in the cutest cafe around!

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