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The Internet Is Going Crazy Over 'The Lord Of The Rings' Land Possibly Coming To Universal

Get your fellowship ready for an amazing adventure!
Twitter Reacs To Rumors Of A New Lord Of The Rings Attraction At Universal Orlando

Amid the exciting announcements of Universal’s upcoming Epic Universe land, a rumor has been passing through the grapevine that has been intriguing fans since 2010. Will Universal introduce a Lord of the Rings themed ride or even an entire land in this new attraction? The rumor has gained traction again this week with new speculations from Josh Young at Theme Park University, and fans on Twitter are going crazy over it.

Not unlike the epically long movies themselves, this rumor has been drawn out for over a literal decade now. Young even mentions in his article that there were two previous sources to break the recent story that were “magically deleted” from the Internet, thus prompting his further investigation.

Many are now suspiciously curious that perhaps these rumors aren’t just simple rumors after all.

While nothing is official and plans can change like Florida weather, some have speculated that the potential Lord of the Rings attraction would find its new home in Epic Universe.

Now, however, Young suggests that the Fellowship taking over Toon Lagoon at Islands of Adventure would be a more viable option. While Popeye and the crew are arguably outdated and no longer relevant to today’s audiences, The Lord of the Rings is a timeless classic.

This Twitter user expressed their excitement for the potential new attraction.

It is even speculated that plans for a LOTR attraction could replace Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges at Toon Lagoon, and even expand it.

This Twitter user expressed their excitement of seeing more themes from the mid-2000s making a comeback.

Young suggests two options for this expansion, including an underwater rollercoaster-style track.

The other option is a magnetic system, and you can check out Shanghai’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride for a better idea of how that would look.

Another tweeter mourned the potential loss of Bluto's ride.

Funnily enough, Universal Creative even took advantage of the recent closure of Bluto’s to test some different styles of boats for the new attraction. Suspicious?

Universal has even had talks with Poy du Fou, an incredibly popular (second only to Disney Paris) renaissance theme park in France, to use their interactive attractions in, what can be hoped, will result in a LOTR interactive land.

Universal and Disney often consult outside vendors when constructing new ideas and rides.

While we will surely be waiting a while longer until any of these rumors are solidified, it doesn’t hurt to hope!

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