Fifty is always a big year for everyone, and Disney is no exception! Set to open in 2021 in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, Tron Lightcycle Power Run will be located in Magic Kingdom right next to Space Mountain.

For thrill-seekers and Tron fans alike, riding the fastest coaster in Disney on an iconic Lightcycle will surely be worth the wait.

In March, construction celebrated the milestone of assembling one of the first steel support columns. As per tradition, Disney Imagineers, cast members, and project teams signed their names on the beam.

As of early August, the coaster track itself is almost completely installed. Support foundations are currently being secured, and from Fantasyland, you can glimpse a looming red crane moving supplies.

Though still early in production, the framework as it is now is already more massive than Space Mountain.

The new Magic Kingdom ride is based off the Tron ride at Shanghai Disneyland, one of the most popular among fans, and the fastest ride in any Disney park. The attraction will bring a new spark of life to Tomorrow Land, and perched right next to Space Mountain, will give the illusion of a futuristic city skyline.

The project will be a massive coaster-style ride and will have guests seated on a train of individual two-wheeled Lightcycles, promising a thrilling race through digital terrain.  

Though the physical framework is still being built, we know the ride promises to immerse guests in the world of Tron with wild twists, drops, and dazzling special effects.

Without giving too much away, you definitely won’t catch everything on the first go around. It will undeniably be a ride you experience more than once to truly appreciate.