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New Details Revealed About Universal's Super Nintendo World Mario Kart Ride

Whether you’re a competitive player or a button-masher, Mario Kart is a classic favorite among gamers across the globe. And with the highly anticipated announcement of Super Nintendo World coming to the Japan park, fans have been on the hunt for any clue as to what might be to come for Orlando. Recently, new details and rumors have emerged about the famed Mario Kart ride, and it’s giving Orlando fans hope for what the future has in store for a new gamer themed land.

Universal has been sparse in sharing exactly how the Nintendo Land attractions will fit into the existing lands, but it’s been heavily rumored that will find their place in the new Epic Universe park which is supposed to open in 2023.

As for Universal Japan, they’ll be seeing their favorite Nintendo characters come to life this year. The Mario Kart ride, in particular, is expected to place guests on their own racers beside various characters.

Augmented-reality glasses will show the track before them, and items to pick up like the classic coins and mushrooms.

While Universal has not shared much on the ride and fans are well aware that plans can change without warning, the details leaked from their site still give hints of what to expect.

One Twitter user expressed their desire for more details on Orlando's own future Nintendo attractions.

Universal even filed patents over the past several years that hint strongly to the augmented-reality goggles that could be utilized in the Mario Kart ride.

They also shared that the entire land would fit together seamlessly, like one giant video game.

Another Twitter user felt confident they'd soon be seeing such attractions at Orlando and Hollywood.

An augmented-reality ride would be raising the bar for theme parks everywhere, which comes as little surprise as Universal is known for consistently outdoing itself.

Since nothing truly significant has come from this new sort of tech yet in the theme park world, the Mario Kart ride could be the first of its kind.

Another Twitter user expressed their excitement to visit Orlando for it's future Nintendo park and Harry Potter World, as well.

Though it will probably be a while before we see more concrete details on Orlando’s own Mario Kart ride, the sneak peeks of Japan’s new park gives fans hope and hype.

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