New Filipino Fusion Restaurant In Orlando Taglish Has Soft Opening With Unique Eats

It’s no secret that Orlando is a hotspot for authentic foods from all around the globe. Off Mills Ave alone, you can have your fill for days of savory, original, foods from a myriad of different countries. Now joining their ranks is a new player, already with tons of promise. The new Filipino fusion restaurant in Orlando, Taglish just had its soft opening and is already making waves.

This blend of authentic Filipino food with traditional American fare is a magnificent marriage of a world of tastes in a fast-casual setting. The menu just begs for a curious eye to take a deeper look!

The name Taglish itself is a fusion of the two languages of the restaurant, Tagalog & English. The owners of the restaurant insist it’s a language spoken best through food, and we may just be inclined to agree here.

The menu ranges from overflowing bowls of garlic rice and veggies, to succulent sausages served with eggs or between some hot buns, stewed mung bean, salted duck, and some crazy looking smoothies.

There are plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options sprinkled across the menu too. The new restaurant is a joint venture between chef Michael Collantes and Johnny and Jimmy from Bento Group.

Having just had their soft opening, their hours are still limited, but already Instagram is buzzing with photos of their delicious and admittedly aesthetically-pleasing menu items. We may just stop here and add to our #foodielife Insta-feed.

If you're looking for more awesome Orlando food options, you have to check out these massive loaded sundaes, and these giant pizza slices bigger than your head!


Price: 💸💸

When: Open for limited hours Monday — Sunday

Address: 3191 W Colonial Dr Orlando FL.

Why You Need To Go: The best fusion of authentic Filipino and American food around! Indulge in unique treats or enjoy something new without breaking your vegan diet.

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