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You Can Celebrate Hump Day With A Camel Burger At This New Orlando Burger Joint

Between giant pizza-box sized donuts and crazy food combos you can only get here, Orlando is never lacking in interesting and crazy foods for serious connoisseurs and amateur critics alike to try. If you're looking for a new restaurant in Orlando to try, we have the perfect one in mind. 

Things are about to get even crazier with the opening of Twisted Root Burger, which offers some of the most exotic burgers you will ever try.

We’ll get into the juicy details in a minute, but let’s start the mere size of these burgers. With half-pound, fresh-ground patties, they’re already twice the size of burgers sold at comparable burger joints, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Then you have fresh toppings, buns from local bakeries, home-made condiments, and custom pickles. Yeah, they’re serious about that their pickles.

They offer unusual steaks such as venison, elk, lamb, rabbit, duck, boar, camel, and even ostrich. Those last two are definitely a ‘gotta-try-it-at-least-once’ kind of deal.

For the plant-based lovers, they also have massive salad bowls, and a house-made chickpea, black bean, brown rice & quinoa burger, so don’t worry if your meat-eater friends drag you along.

To wash all that down, there are plenty of amazing shakes to choose from, including some adult-only shakes like banana and baileys, and Oreo and amaretto.

You can even order online for quick pickups!

Twisted Root Burger

Price: $$

When: Opening late Fall 2019

Address: 4270 Aloma Ave. #140 Winter Park, Florida 32792

Why You Need To Go: Whether you're there for the camel burger, the boozy shakes, or the veggie burger, you're bound to leave satisfied.

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