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New Roller Coasters In Orlando Include SeaWorld's Ice Breaker Launch Coaster

Since it’s the debut of the Mako roller coaster, which is also Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and longest coaster, in 2016, SeaWorld Orlando has been silent on the thrill attraction front. Until about a month ago, that is, when rumors of a new ride cropped up.

Those rumors were finally confirmed when SeaWorld revealed the construction for its new family-friendly coast called Ice Breaker.

Set to open in Spring 2020, this ride is no joke. It will be the park’s first backward launch coaster, reaching speeds of 52 miles an hour, and going forward ­and backward for a 90-second thrill ride. The catch? Ice Breaker is set up to be only a few feet off the ground, which will give it the illusion of going even faster.

The announcement for Ice Breaker was part of a trio of new rides coming to Florida next year. It was a strategic move on SeaWorld’s part, what with all the crazy updates Universal and Epcot are getting.

Busch Gardens was quick to follow suit with a revamp of its own, turning its wooden roller coaster Gwazi into a hybrid of steel track and wooden supports. At 206 feet tall, it will take passengers upside three times at 76 miles an hour.

Shifting its focus to ride attractions is a pivotal point for SeaWorld. While revenue and attendance have increased since last year, it is due more to the opening of the new Sesame Street attraction and water ride, than to animal economy.

While the park has not publicly stated that it is indeed moving away from animal shows, its actions continue to support the idea that they will have a diminishing role in the park’s future.

SeaWorld Orlando

Price: Park general admission $119

Address: 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821

Why You Need To Go: To experience all the new thrill rides the park has to offer!

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