Even if you never received your letter to Hogwarts when you turned 11 (we’re still salty about it, too), it’s never too late to jump on the Hogwarts Express and immerse yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter. That’s never been easier thanks to all the amazing experiences and extras available at Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

When they announced their new vacation package option a bit ago, fans were stoked. The package includes exclusive memorabilia and keepsake boxes, which, let’s be honest, is definitely the thing that gets most people to buy it.

To make that deal even sweeter, a new Harry Potter subscription service was just announced that also entails some behind-the-scenes content, plus a discount on the Universal Harry Potter vacation package.

Die-hard fans can now sign up for a new subscription service which Wizarding World Gold, the official currency of wizardingworld.com that can be bought with real-life money.

For $75 a year, fans can get behind-the-scenes content like interviews with crew and craftspeople, access to all seven ebooks of the original Harry Potter stories, discounts at the wizardingworld.com shop, as well as the Platform 9¾ store in London's King's Cross Station in England. Discounts will also be given on the special Harry Potter vacation package at Universal Orlando Resort.

Similar to the keepsakes available through Universal’s vacation package, the new subscription also includes a personalized interactive Keys and Curio Journal, the cover of which will be embroidered with the Hogwarts house emblem and the subscriber's name.

This subscription service works similarly to Disney's D23 fan club membership, through which fans can get discounts to Disney Parks and special events.

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home, and you don’t have to empty your Gringotts bank account to get there, either!

While it's still available, you should check out the Dark Arts Projection Show that is showing on Hogwarts castle now!

Harry Potter Subscription 

Price: $75 a year

When: Now available

Why You Need To Go: Hard-core Harry Potter fans can get exclusive memorabilia and discounts on vacation packages!