There’s never a bad time for hotdogs. Summer grilling, fall festivals, celebrations, or an easy dinner, you can make them fit into just about anything. These Chicago-style hotdogs, however, are on another level all their own. If you're itching to try new things coming to Orlando, we have just the thing in mind. 

Portillo’s is an icon of Chicago culture, serving up Italian beef, burgers, salads, draft beer and chocolate cake. However, it’s the hotdogs that they’re really famous for.

You can get this infamous dog a number of ways, and whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Char-grilled the traditional way, extra thick and extra spicy, loaded with homemade chili, a giant pickle stuffed in next to a giant dog.

We highly recommend wearing sweatpants.

This Portillo’s will find its new home in the mixed-use development of O-Town West, near Palm Parkway and Daryl Carter Boulevard.

It will be the third Florida location, which means Orlando hotdog lovers won’t have to travel all the way to Tampa or Brandon to fill that hotdog-shaped hole in their hearts and bellies anymore.

The expansion to Central Florida came highly demanded after the two coastal locations, and it’s not surprising why.

The restaurant will also feature an outdoor patio and a double drive-thru, catering to all its on-the-go and sit-down patrons. Unfortunately, we still have a bit of a wait at the tentative opening date is set for late 2020.

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Portillo's Hot Dogs

Price: $

When: 10:30 - midnight

Address: 1748 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511

Why You Need To Go: The hotdog of your dreams is waiting!