Right Now You Can Go To This Ninja Obstacle Course In Orlando For Only $15

Whether you’re a Naruto fan, an aspiring American Ninja Warrior contestant, or just really want to get in touch with your inner child, Defy Orlando is a spot you have to check out.

Along with a ninja obstacle course, you can try your hand at trapeze, aerial skills, and even jump around in a foam pit. For a limited time, Defy is running a 50% off Groupon which drops a 90-minute jump pass for one person from $24 down to $15.

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If you’re one to be easily bored at the gym, this place seriously makes for a great alternative workout. Open Jump from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. gives you access to a trampoline grid of over 60 trampolines, including walls, decks, and a few surprises on (where else?) the ceiling.

There’s, of course, the wicked ninja obstacle course, and an awesome air dunk course where you can practice your shots for the upcoming AirDunk Tournament.

You can test your balance on a slackline, live out any Cirque du Soleil dreams you may have had with suspending aerial silks, and even try out some trapeze. Don’t worry, it’s all suspending over a giant foam pit.

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If you’re making a day out of it and bringing friends, the coupon also includes hefty discounts for two, four, and six-member groups for 90 minutes. If you’re looking to host a party and inviting the entire Hidden Leaf Village, regular packages begin at $25 per guest for a 60 minute run, with time add-ons available.

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For dedicated fliers, Defy just started offering a monthly plan called Flight Club. For $20 a month, this option allows for a two-hour jump Monday through Friday. There is also Flight Club Elite for $25 a month, which offers unlimited jump time. We don’t talk about it much, though. For obvious reasons.

Defy Orlando

Price: $15 on Groupon 

Address: Defy Orlando 8010 W. Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32818

Why You Need To Go: Because if you say you never went through a ninja phase, you’re just lying to yourself