It's no secret that the cost of going to the movies has skyrocketed in recent years, and many of us opt to not get snacks or forgo going altogether because of it. Prices have stood still at this drive-in. The Ocala Drive-In keeps their prices super affordable, and you can get the occasional free popcorn.

Back in 2003, the average price of a movie ticket was only $6.03. Today, the average ticket cost has ballooned to approximately $9 to $12, and some fancier theaters will run you even more for a single showing, but the Ocala Drive-In offers 2 movies for that low $6 price tag. That's like paying only $3 per movie; the last time a single showing was that cheap was in 1983 at $3.15 - 20 years ago.

Being able to see 2 movies for only $6 is a steal in 2019, and perfect for planning regular movie dates with your BFF or a romantic date with your boo. They're known to show new releases, such as the nostalgia trip Toy Story 4 that will be at their theater in June! Right now they're screening Avenger's End Game, Detective Pikachu, Little, and Ugly Dolls.

They even have an arcade with a Ms. Pacman machine and other arcade machines, a claw game, air hockey, and other games at their concessions building if you're feeling extra nostalgic after seeing Detective Pikachu.

Keeping their prices low saves you some strain on your wallet, and you can dedicate that saved cash to picking up a pizza, picking up some snacks to bring, or buying goodies from their concession stand; however, you may be able to save some more cash. If you text DRIVEIN to 55222, you opt-in to receive occasional text notifications and deals - such as FREE popcorn, free or discounted concessions, discounted tickets, and showing rotations.

Not much can really beat 2 cheap flicks for only $6, being able to chill in your car with your own snacks (maybe even some wine), arcade games, and an occasional free popcorn - except for maybe a stellar sunset or a starry sky to back-drop that big screen.

For more information about Ocala Drive-in and to see current showtimes, check out their website here.