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Floridians Can Shop Disney's Online Merch Deals To Hold You Over Until The Parks Reopen

Hurry, merch is 25% off for a limited time too!
Online Disney World Deal Shopping To Hold You Over Until The Parks Reopen

If you totally get why people on the streets are saying that Walt Disney World is “The Happiest Place on Earth,” you may wish you could keep a slice of that with you — even when you’re far away from the Orlando theme park. And who wouldn’t be stoked to take a bit of that special magic back home with them now that parks are temporarily closed? Luckily for Floridians, there are some amazing online Disney World deals right now that will help you get your hands on some merch without even having to leave your couch.

That’s right, y’all, it’s time to bring Minnie home.

Disney’s spring collection is looking pretty adorable this year, complete with Baby Yoda plushies, sarcastic Monsters Inc tees and some Frozen 2 beach towels that will make your next tanning sesh "cooler" than ever.

Get ready to do a little bit of window shopping and browse gear from Disney's newest films. They have a wide range of goodies this year so you might just find yourself with a full shopping bag of gadgets and gizmos. You've been warned!

The best part is their “Spring Into Sitewide Savings” deal will give you the chance to get 20% off all orders over $75 and up or 25% off all orders over $100.

That means that those limited-edition sequined ears you’ve been dreaming about could suddenly be a whole lot cheaper.

Can you say, “add to cart”?

All shopping bags with more than $75 will be sent to your home with free shipping too. And the motto of "If it's free it's for me" still stands, because who doesn't love free things?

Curl up on the couch, turn your fave classic Disney film on Disney+, grab a yummy mug of hot cocoa and start the search for the perfect Mickey tote. If there's a better way to sneak in some Disney magic during these thirty days of temporary park closures, we don’t know about it yet.

Just be sure to keep your eye on the time! The deal only lasts until March 19, 2020, at midnight. This means you only have one day to choose your favorite items and snag the discount.

Of course, even if you miss out on the deal who doesn't love a little window shopping and day-dreaming about your next Disney adventure decked out in your new Baby Yoda tee?

You can find a bunch of cool items, like a sparky Minnie duffel bag that’s perfect for your next Orlando getaway. Folks who are into the more hilarious stock will love this Nemo mug covered with seagulls screaming, “mine, mine, mine!”

Meanwhile, modern Disney princesses can forget the prince while saving themselves and some money when buying something twirly; the Ink & Paint dress looks like it’s straight from a fairytale.

Whether you have been dying for a specific plushie, are looking to get some Disney gear as you wait for the parks to reopen, or want to window shop, this deal will help you save on something new and browsing their selection can give you a sprinkle of Disney magic — even if you don't end up picking something up.

Spring Into Sitewide Savings

Original price: 100% retail

Sale Price: 25% off orders over $100 and 20% off orders over $75. Free shipping on orders $75 and up.

Why You Need It: This deal will get you your Disney fix without breaking the bank. Discounts available on different order totals let you mix and match your favorite items to stock up for that next Disney adventure.

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