Morning commutes and rush hour are hectic no matter where in the world you are, but Orlando drivers seem to find themselves in a never-ending purgatory of horrendous traffic.

You can blame it on the elderly, texters, or just plain oblivious people, but it came as no surprise that just seven months ago, Orlando ranked as the number one city in Florida of the most aggressive drivers.

The Gall Study that we wrote about here has all the details, but it’s understandable the absurd amount of congested traffic Orlandoans deal with would make anyone upset.

That’s why Twitter had an extra good laugh at a study that said Orlando had actually been ranked as one of the best driving city in America.

Out of 35 states, O-Town ranked as 23rd. The study was based on four factors: accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations.

Extra surprising was that three other Florida cities made the top 35, too, with Jacksonville at 35, Fort Myers at 9, and Miami as 4. What is life?

People’s reactions ranged from hilariously bemused to downright miffed.

Most laughed it off, while others stated their irritation with such statistics and deemed them pointless. We can’t imagine the people who gathered this info have ever driven on I-4 before.

Hilariously enough, another study done by QuoteWizard, an online insurance company that uses reports from users on accidents, speeding tickets, and other citations, reported that Orlando has some of the best drivers in America.

They then admitted here that their study analysts have never even driven in Orlando.

It seems that one thing for certain can be deduced from all these studies, and that is that the people conducting them should definitely get a local’s perspective before reporting on findings!