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There's An Actual Cannabis School In Florida That Offers Higher Education To The Public

Your parents always told you to get a higher education...

You can't argue with the fact that the cannabis industry in Florida is growing like a weed (sorry not sorry for that pun), and people across the country are eager to stake their claim in this lucrative business. And what better place to start than by educating yourself at the country’s top-ranked cannabis school? Oh yeah, that’s a thing, and it can be found right in Orlando.

So, whether you’re looking to start your own business, get a job in the industry, or learn about the numerous medical values, the Sativa University as you covered.

SATU is not your typical college if you couldn’t gather that much from the fact that it’s a cannabis college.

SATU’s Cannabis College Master Course offers a complete education in cannabis that teaches students step-by-step on the most efficient way to start up your own legal marijuana business and gives expert training and knowledge on the best growing techniques.

They even offer online courses, but spaces for all classes are extremely limited!

This certified training program fully covers marijuana laws by state, career blueprints, history, management blueprints, growing techniques, hands-on training labs, and even a marijuana cookbook.

For a limited time, the online training is priced at only $199, and the hands-on training at $299. For a total value of $2,997, if you’re interested, this is definitely the time to act.

Courses usually run for four weeks, meeting every Sunday or Tuesday.

Like any other field, it pays to have a legitimate certification that puts you above the competition, and with how fast the $52.5 BILLION CANNABIS INDUSTRY is expanding, this an amazing opportunity for serious entrepreneurs.

Cannabis has some incredible stories in Orlando, including this doctor’s success stories, while over in San Antonio, you can actually get CBD-infused tacos.

Florida Cannabis School 

Price: $199 - $299

When: Courses currently available

Address: 717 Altaloma Ave. Orlando, FL 32803

Why You Need To Go: Whether starting your own business or just wanting to educate yourself, SATU is a great place to start with all things cannabis!