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Orlando Is Getting An Awesome New "Dog Park Bar" So You Can Grab A Drink With Your Furry Friend

If you're worried to leave Kiki or Fido home once again, this time your furry friend will be able to join you for happy hour. Attention dog moms and dads! Orlando is opening a massive dog park bar where you'll be able to drink booze and let your dog play free in the park. 

We know how difficult it is to leave your adorable pet at home while you're having fun. Boozehounds is the new of its kind in the Orlando area and it's about time there's a place where pets and humans can enjoy together. There are already dog-friendly bars in Charlotte and Denver, but not in the Orlando area. 

This bar will be a great environment for human and dog connection in a fun way. Boozehounds will feature a full bar, a large park for all types of dogs, agility course pieces, water features, and even live music performances. The interior of the bar will be of repurposed shipping containers. 

Via boozehoundsdogbar

Via boozehoundsdogbar

This bar will have membership requirements and rates. After all, a dog bar needs some rules so your puppy doesn't get in trouble. Each dog over 8 months old must be spayed or neutered. They must be in good health and current on vaccinations. Sorry, puppies under 4 months of age are not allowed. And, all dogs must be friendly.

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Via boozehoundsdogbar

You'll be able to purchase a membership online and even buy an annual pass. Also, each dog owner will need to submit a vet record of their dog. If you want to check it out before committing to this bar lifestyle, you can just pay $10 for a day pass. 

The 2000 square-foot bar will also include a rooftop bar, big screen televisions, and local craft beers on tap. 

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Boozehounds will be a great place to meet other dog owners and make friends. Imagine watching the Super Bowl at this location. Superb!

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