This Dragon Ball Z Themed Noodle Shop In Orlando Lets You Build Your Own 'Soupa Saiyan' Ramen

The coolest spot to Kamehame-have fresh ramen in Florida
This Dragon Ball Z Themed Noodle Shop In Orlando Lets You Build Your Own 'Soupa Saiyan' Ramen

With all this rainy weather we've been having in Florida lately, you may be craving a nice warm soup like we are right about now. You can slurp your soup at the most powerful Dragonball Z themed noodle shop in Florida - and you can even level up your noodles to over 8,000 by building your own bowl just the way you like it.

Soupa Saiyan in Orlando has the coolest little noodle shop in Florida, featuring Goku and the gang in every corner. They serve their signature soups from the menu hot and fresh every day, even going as far as to use organic, locally sourced, ingredients for you to make your own tasty bowl of ramen.

The shop is soup-er cool too; you'll be able to watch Dragon Ball Z and your other favorite anime on the screen in the eating area. They even updated their space recently with more manga clippings, tables, & decor!*

Their soups look absolutely to die for especially with their Dragonball manga covered tables backdropping your bowl that make for some of the most unique shots of your ramen or pho. Check out some tasty shots from Soupa Saiyan below:

If you're looking to challenge your power levels, you can get yourself the most GIGANTIC ramen bowl. You'll have to go Super Saiyan yourself to even finish it. Collect a few of the dragon balls to power up and finish, or fire up with a spirit bomb energy drink.

You can also get Japanese sweets here, like authentic Japanese Cheesecake — that is seriously Insta-worthy — or pocky.

If you're ready to Kamehame-have some delicious soup in the coolest noodle shop ever, fly over on your Flying Nimbus like Goku to Soupa Saiyan Orlando.*

If you happen to be in Jacksonville, they recently opened a new space there! Check out the new Soupa Saiyan 2 here.*

Soupa Saiyan Asian Noodle Bar

Price: 💸💸

Address: 5689 Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL 32819.

Hours: Mon. through Sat., noon to 9 p.m.Sundays noon to 8 p.m.Holiday hours may vary.

Why You Need To Go: A nerdy paradise that will fill you with nostalgia; tons of DBZ geekery everywhere including art & decor, and some of the best noodles in Orlando.