You Can Smash Open & Eat Chocolate Piñatas At This Orlando Dessert Spot

A chocolate lover's dream!
Orlando Restaurant Has A Giant Chocolate Pinata You Have To Break Open To Eat

Orlando is so full of creative, over-the-top, and downright delicious food, we dare say the culinary experience could rival that of the major theme parks. But where to start? So much to eat, so little time! Thankfully, as self-proclaimed foodies, we love picking out the best places to share with hungry readers. So here you have it, your next Orlando Restaurant destination: Uncle Julio’s Mexican From Scratch, where you can try the most smashable dessert — a chocolate piñata!

A dessert lover’s dream hangs down in a ball of dark chocolate, filled with homemade churros and fresh fruit, just waiting for you to grab the mallet, swing, and relieve it of its delicious contents.

Things taste sweeter when you have to work for them anyway, right? And just when you thought this dessert couldn’t better, there are actually different versions you can order, too.

To really satiate your sweet tooth, you can try the Chocolate Lover’s Piñata, which is the same concept but with the added treat of chocolate empanada bites.

The Chocolate Piñata goes for $25, and while the Lover’s pinata is the same size as the original, it costs an additional $5. We think true chocolate lovers won’t mind, though.

Uncle Julio’s takes “dinner and a show” to a whole new level with this interactive dessert. For those of you already planning on flying solo for this treat, don’t get overzealous.

One piñata can serve between four to eight people, so you may want to bring some friends along, just in case you can’t finish it on your own. But if you don't want to share, we won't judge!

Along with savory snacks like mesquite-grilled fajitas and delicious margaritas all made from scratch, Uncle Julio’s has other delectable desserts to treat yourself with, too.

From sopapillas (puffed Mexican pastries) to cajeta made with vanilla ice cream doused with nuts, caramel sauce, and whipped cream, you can’t go wrong with dessert here.

Unsurprisingly, Uncle Julio’s fills up quickly, so be sure to set your reservation date in advance if you don't want to wait.

Uncle Julio's Mexican From Scratch Chocolate Piñata

Price: $25 to $30 per piñata

Address: 8409 International Dr, Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: A chocolate lover's dream dessert awaits! Crack open a giant chocolate piñata stuffed with fruits, churros, chocolates, and more.