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A Full Moon Is Happening This Month & You Can Enjoy It On A Glowing Paddleboard In Orlando

Everyone loves a good paddle!
A Full Moon Is Happening This Month & You Can Enjoy It On A Glowing Paddleboard In Orlando

The craze of the stand-up paddleboard swept across the country just a few years ago, filling ocean coasts and land-locked bodies of water with eager participants. Next week, you can jump on the paddleboard bandwagon and set sail under a full moon with glowing paddleboard rentals in Orlando!

The people at Lake Life Paddle are as easy-going as the waters they traverse, and they hold awesome events every month to share their love of paddleboarding and kayaking with the community. Don’t worry if you’ve never set foot on one before, their events are accessible for all.

If you’re looking to start smaller, you can always book private tours or lessons with them via their website.

Next week, you can join the crew on Lake Jennie Jewell to watch the sunset and the full moon rise over the water. The event is free if you want to bring your own board, but it’s recommended to enjoy the full experience and rent one of their Noqua Glow Boards and pick your favorite color!

The $30 ticket includes all equipment, a lesson or refresher course, and a guided tour.

They’ll have glowy bling for you to wear, and everyone is invited to have dinner and drinks afterward at The Waterfront.

You can check out some more glowy fun at the ultimate winter wonderland Light Up UCF, and Florida's new guitar-shaped hotel!

Lake Life Paddle

Price: Free with your own board, $30 for a regular board, $60 for a glowing board

When: Tuesday, November 12, 2019, at 5:30 – 7 p.m.

Address: The Waterfront Orlando 4201 South Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32806

Why You Need To Go: Start a new full-moon tradition and float under the moon with a glowing board!

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