Winter is one of the best seasons in Florida since temperatures average in the 60s and 70s. So, if you're looking for places to hike in Florida to enjoy the seasonal weather, at Spring Hammock Preserve in Orlando you can wander down enchanting boardwalk trails, through canopies of palms, and spot beautiful purple lilies in bloom right now!

The Spring Hammock Preserve hike is perfect for beginners and seasoned hikers alike, with plenty of beautiful locations to stop and admire on your way.

There are several different boardwalk trails with differing lengths to pick from. Many of these suffered damage over the years or were even completely swept away by seasonal floods. They have since either been redirected to avoid the flood paths or built anew for public use.

The Spring Hammock trails are lightly trafficked and also welcome leashed dogs. Trickling springs and lush palms keep the air cool, so remember to bring a hoodie just in case.

The preserve totals 1,500 acres and gives a beautiful view of Lake Jesup down one of its trails.

Several boardwalk trails take you through towering, ancient Bald Cypress trees and there are tons of blooming flora to look out for, including the Toothpetal False Reinorchids, Nodding Nixie, and Lyreleaf Sage.

The preserve is free to traverse and open daily, but the public restrooms are only open on the weekends. Be sure to bring your camera, take your time, and enjoy all the wonders, big and small, of the Spring Hammock Preserve.

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Spring Hammock Preserve

Price: Free

When: Open daily, dawn to dusk

Address: 2985 Osprey Trail, Longwood, FL

Why You Need To Go: Wander down enchanting boardwalk trails and keep an eye out for beautiful blooming flora!

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