You Can Actually Rent A Dog To Hang Out With Free Of Charge In Orlando

Because dogs are the best kind of people.
You Can Actually Rent A Dog To Hang Out With Free Of Charge In Orlando

Picking out a new furry member for your family is a tough choice to make. It can be difficult to gauge how well an animal will get along with you and other family members just from the limited amount of time you spend with it at the shelter.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is always striving for the best lives for their animals, and they now allow you to “check out” adoptable dogs for up to two hours.

You can bring select shelter dogs to any of the approved locations around the area, taking them for a walk, or even your favorite pet-friendly café. It’s also a perfect opportunity for those who are unable or unwilling to commit to a dog full time, but still want to hang out with some four-legged friends.

It doesn’t just benefit the humans, though. It’s been proven that giving the dogs a break from shelter life improves their behavior, and also exposes them to potential adopters. Both the Sanford and Orlando Pet Alliances are participating, but remember to bring your pooch back by 5 p.m. at the latest!

During the week of Monday, September 23, Pet Alliance will be celebrating their 83 birthday with “National Hound Around Town Week.” Those looking to participate should know that approved dogs may be limited. Outings will be held at approved locations only, and are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Pet Alliance hopes this movement will spark other shelters in the area to help build the connection between their animals and the community.  

Pet Alliance 

Price: FREE!

When: During business hours

Address: Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando 2727 Conroy Rd, Orlando, FL 32839

Sanford location: 2800 County Home Rd, Sanford, FL 32773

Why You Need To Go: To enrich the life of a shelter dog, and yourself!